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Will it take a miracle to reach your community?

As a disciple-maker, I am always looking to engage my God-given Fruit of the Spirit into those lives I encounter in my community.

To my amazement, God has taken the little "loaves and fishes" I have had to offer and multiplied them as a miracle to reach the lives around me by helping a friend with employment, providing groceries for a needy family, caring for a neighbor facing a trauma, or sharing a kind word.

The result? The Lord has allowed me and my family to fill up three pews with my guests for special events, connect with 64 of my neighbors through our own block party, and have had doors opened for us to step in as spiritual leaders for our neighbors and friends.

We did not take a seminar to be a neighborly Christian. It took action.

Action requires social skills and confidence to walk through the open doors that God provides.

In short, the best way to create a disciple-maker is through replication in a one-on-one relationship. Yet, what if you have 100, 200, or 500 members sitting on your pews? Where do you get started?

Specifically, we live in a day where we have lost our social skills and the media screams that no one wants what we have to offer as Christians. As a pastor, how do you combat this force?

Fortunately, we will show you how systematic coaching and support over time can help you restore your members' social skills and confidence in sharing the Gospel as God starts working through them to do the miraculous in the lives of others.

My son, David, and I have noticed this need and dedicated our talents in supporting the ministry in this effort with Church Growth in a Box.

Obviously, as skilled technologists and disciple-making lay leaders in our respective churches, we have recognized that you cannot automate the Gospel. Yet, a framework can help pastors gain about three months with customizable growth plans that provide hands-on experiences and builds winning experiences for their members.

We are humbled by how God has blessed our secular endeavors that are recognized as the best in the nation. Many of our projects have resulted in tens of millions of dollars in savings. We are thankful that the Lord has allowed us to apply these skills toward reaching the lost. We pray that you will welcome us to come along your side and see many souls saved.