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Who is Hugh?

Hugh Plappert impacts organizations' bottom line by tens of millions with his strategic skills. He discovers and develops solutions for both cost savings and increased sales. As a bi-vocational lay leader over the last 36 years, Hugh has used his God-given skills to help church organizations at the local, state and national levels to improve their operations and soul reaching with measurable results.

As the leader of Church Growth in a Box Hugh's policy is to:

1.) DO offer organic solutions (that is no or little cash cost). DO NOT request large budgets.
2.) DO save the pastor time. DO NOT ask for unnecessary time commitments and resources.
3.) DO find the hungry. DO NOT push mass marketing to build large crowds.
4.) DO build trust with the hurting. DO NOT promote pushing the gospel message unto people.
5.) DO guide members to reaching the point where their contacts permit them to speak into their lives. DO NOT shove our message onto anyone.
6.) DO motivate members and build up their confidence. DO NOT leverage guilt and shame to execute a growth plan.
7.) DO measure the impact. DO NOT build on excitement or trends.

Who is David?

David Plappert was a world renown technology leader by age 13. His talents have been leveraged by the United States Government, Fortune 500 companies, and by local and international church organizations. At age 19, David single-handily supported the web infrastructure for the most internet sales on Thanksgiving Day 2013. His skills were crucial to his employer receiving the Amazon Web Services City on a Cloud Challenge Best Practices Award in 2016 and 2018. David uses his skills today to service churches like yours with Church Growth in a Box.