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An Honest Man’s Handshake

An Old Fashion Most Trusted Gentleman’s (and Ladies’) Agreement

To own an account on the Church Growth In A Box application you must stick your hand out with a smile on your face and agree to the following simple terms.

1.) By creating an account on the Church Growth In A Box application you are giving us your consent to:
a. Use your best business email address to keep you informed of valuable Church Growth information including:
i. Our Online and offline Church Growth events.
ii. Our Church Growth Products and Services.
iii. Messages from our Network of Church Growth Leaders Events, Products, and Services.
iv. Information for managing our professional and business relationship as needed.
b. It is a fact to operate such an efficient and effective site like Church Growth In A Box we must track information about your interaction with us and receive such a consent from you including by not limited to:
i. Log in account information.
ii. Billing and Payment information.
iii. Buttons and links, you click with your mouse, finger, or pointing device and the amount of time you spend gaining valuable insights on our simple site.
iv. What you download from the site.
v. Who you invite to join you on the site.
vi. Who invited you to join the site.
vii. The URL or site you came from before coming to our site.
viii. What advertisement or promotion you clicked on to come to our site.
2.) If you wish to manage the data that we keep safe about you in our databases and files you can:
a. Discontinue receiving valuable emails from us you can unsubscribe going to https://FinishLinePlanner.us8.list-manage.com/unsubscribe?u=f5e6e2219a4c38d7e87fb989b&id=d7ba139da7
b. Discontinue receiving valuable text messages from us by blocking our text messages.
c. Discontinue your email subscription to Church Growth In A Box by unsubscribing from the email. See the footer of the email for the unsubscribe link.
d. Have all your data erased from the files that are safely maintained at Church Growth In A Box by emailing your request to Hugh@FinishLinePlanner.com or calling Hugh Plappert at (651) 894-4681.
3.) How do we make money (to put bread on our families’ tables) with your data?
a. We earn out honest living through providing you and your church members valuable content for a low monthly subscription rate.
b. We receive advantages through our networking and co-marketing agreements with many of our third-party network Church Growth organizational contacts in place of exchanging cash commissions.
c. Once in a while, we have an affiliate commission when referring you to a high-quality third-party Church Growth contact. When we do, we will notify you of the arrangement in the communique making such an offer.
d. We reserve the right to sell advertising space to valuable third-party Church Growth organization in the future and will notify of you of such offers and our relationship at such time, including any of your data that we pass on to them when you click their offer to assist you and your church.
4.) What is the process for playing fair in our sandbox?
a. Respect our content and do not copy and distribute it for free or for resale to anyone including members of your church. Make sure to invite your church members to the Church Growth In A Box for them to gain access.
b. Don’t resale our service.
c. Don’t not attack our site or attempt to steal other members’ data.
5.) How to settle disputes.
a. Use the Matthew 18:15-17 model for settling disputes.
b. Please use arbitration so we can have a clear understanding of your issues and address a proper settlement.
c. Let’s do our best to keep any issue out of court. I don’t believe either you or I can afford the attorney fees (which they deserve for their service) fighting over a $1.99 a month subscription.

That’s all folks.
Have a nice day.
Hugh Plappert, CEO
Finish Line Planner, LLC
(651) 894-4681