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How does hands-on experiences develop a member's burden?

When members become involved and see positive results from their efforts, they develop a burden to reach more souls.

As your members follow the strategic steps in our instructional videos and see the correlation between their action and the results their confidence increases.

By using the downloadable tools, they are equipped to be action-ready, so their passion for the new opportunity is not wained while the project is delayed.

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How will I know if this hands-on experience will work for my members?

We don't know everything, and we are not attempting to tell you how to grow your church.

Our goal is to put tools in your toolbox, and when you see the opportunity to use the tool, you will be equipped to get the most out of your efforts.

Once a quarter we will deliver a new Church Growth Kit... a growth method. The Kit shows you strategic concepts on how to execute the new approach, what works, how to scale the results, and where to look for traps.

We don't expect you to use every kit, only the one that is right for the moment that works with the culture of your ministry, church, and community. Most ministers will even adapt the Kit to work in their unique situation.

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What will it take to develop healthy growth?

Revival will require improvements in the Spiritual Product, the Culture, and Systems.

We are only addressing the Systems component. Most pastors find little time to invest in systems analysis, and we are assisting them to get a step ahead in this critical area.

As a pastor, you are the spiritual leader and are responsible for the souls of your local assembly, and we will not override your direction or decisions. Our prayer is that God will guide you in all these critical aspects.

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What are the keys to success in each Church Growth Kit?

Church Growth Kits can come in the form of personal evangelism promotional and corporate outreach project plans.

Each Kit focuses on finding the hungry, creating one-on-one encounters, obtaining permission to speak into a person's life, and building trust with the hurting while leveraging your existing schedule and resources.

The methods presented are organic... that is... requires no or little cash investment to execute.

Your biggest investment will be the $1.99 monthly subscription for each active team member.

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How to use the Kits to develop Disciple-Makers through hands-on experiences.
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